FJ Actual is a breakthrough project formed in 2018 from the two founding members’ (Floyd Jones and Tommy Scholl) own synthesis of soulful class and an uncompromising pursuit of novelty. It was created to embark on new, unique experiences, and invite others to share in them.


Floyd and Tommy began playing together when they were 13 years old in their small community church in Gaithersburg, MD. As they grew older and embarked on their own separate musical journeys that took them across the globe, they witnessed the common thread that music has to bring people together. Today, they have reunited under the name FJ Actual in pursuit of seeing that thread reach and impact more people. 


Coming out of the Washington, DC Metro area, Floyd Jones and Tommy Scholl have spent years engineering an elevated an R&B experience, combining powerful vocal melodies with electrifying instrumentation. 


Their first official single, “Sidelines,” features strong rhythms and eclectic vibes that beckon the heart and call upon the activation of the mind and soul.